A talk with the Sifu,

It is truly remarkable this Shaolinquan (Kung Fu) and Taijiquan (Tai Chi). Many people want to learn martial arts and here in America there is many to choose from so the decision making can be difficult. But the there are many things that do stand out that makes our school the easiest and best decision.

First of all AUTHENTICITY – Sifu Tony studied in Asia and learnt directly from some of the best masters in the world. The Denver Shaolin Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute is recognized by the Shaolin Temple and by the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA (located in LA – under the direction of Master Shi Yanxu). Master Shi Yanxu is a guest instructor at our school for the last 2 years and we are honored to have him visit.

HEALTH – We do not fight everyday, but we live everyday, thus health is a critical part of our training and mindset. Also with a healthier body inside and out we can handle the problems that the world can throw us. Sifu Tony takes a very personal look at your health and works with you individually so that you can achieve the fastest and most concrete improvements possible.

SELF-DEFENSE – We may never need to defend ourselves, but in this ever increasing violent world, there is a chance that we will need to defend ourselves. Shaolinquan is over 1500 years rich in history and throughout those years the Shaolin Monks had to defend themselves against all sorts of attackers. Here at our school we teach the movements of the forms and break them down so that we know what and why this movement is such. Thorough knowledge is very improtant and Sifu Tony REALLY has the goods in this department.

INTERESTING – EXCITING -Our Shaolinquan and Taiji is really one of the most exzciting and interesting form of exercise you can find anywhere on the planet.

In my years of training and teaching (42 years), I have come to see what teaching these martial arts do for people.

The overall purpose of learning a martial art is for improving on one’s life. Whether that be:

Learning self defense

Becoming more fit

Always had an interest in learning martial arts of Kung Fu/Tai Chi

Looking for balance in one’s life

Keep or get my kids active in something they can grow with

Improve health or help heal from an injury

Basically these are the reasons why people come in to learn our Kung Fu or Tai Chi. Sometimes it’s one of them or often it is a combination of the above mentioned.

But the overall riding factor is improving one’s life. And this is a very correct idea.

Kung Fu/Tai Chi just doesn’t help you here in the school, it helps you in your daily life as well. How so? Example: In the class you will learn various stretches that are generally uncomfortable (to the average person), but in doing these stretches and in doing the stance work involved in Kung Fu/Tai Chi you learn patience and how to push yourself to finish this task. How many tasks do you face at work? In school?

More so while learning Kung Fu/Tai Chi you are going to improve your health (a lot) so that way colds and flu’s will not be coming around so much, you will not feel so tired (look around your workplace – look at those faces, postures). You probably also will want to start paying more attention to your eating habits (this will just come naturally as you improve your physical external health you will also want to improve your internal health through eating better and Qi exercises).

We are not going to make you monks/nuns. No. But you are going to learn a very rich martial art that enhances your physical, mental being more so than you could imagine. It is challenging, you will be challenged, I will not challenge you, you will challenge yourself. I just do the gentle pushing in order to get you to that goal. One on one instruction and personalized, no stress martial arts training. That is what you will get here.

So in closing, I invite you and or your family members here and look forward to training with you.


Tony Timmer

Denver Shaolin Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute

Denver National Chinese Martial Arts Championship