Hi everyone! We are in peak cold and flu season, and it is hitting hard. Try this TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) remedy for your cold!

You will need

1 Leek (cut into large chunks)
1 3in piece Ginger, quartered
Handful of red dates (optional, see below)
2 liters of water
1 vessel to boil the water (preferably glass)

To make the remedy, cut the roots, and end of the greens, off of the leek. Cut the rest into large chunks, leaving most of the white part intact.

Add the leek and ginger to the water in a glass vessel to boil (in TCM you should use Glass, since it is a non-reactive vessel).

Optional: If you also have a fever or are sweating, add a handful of red dates.

Boil the mixture for 1.5 hours. Then strain out the solids, eat the white of the leek, and drink the liquid over the course of 3 days.