Why Tournament

With the new year, we are once again moving into tournament season. This can be both exciting, and frightening for many of us. For a lot of our new students, and many of our older [...]

Cold\Flu Remedy

Hi everyone! We are in peak cold and flu season, and it is hitting hard. Try this TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) remedy for your cold! You will need 1 Leek (cut into large chunks) 1 [...]

16 Breaths

A common method of meditation is to breath with mindfulness. One way of doing this is to focus on ideas or concepts as you breath. Here are 16 concepts to consider while meditation. Set a [...]

Words From the Sifu

A talk with the Sifu, It is truly remarkable this Shaolinquan (Kung Fu) and Taijiquan (Tai Chi). Many people want to learn martial arts and here in America there is many to choose from so [...]

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