About Us

We Live To Help Train You

We understand that everyone comes to us with a different background, and pride ourselves on teaching each person individually. Our lessons are always tailored toward each student’s personality and helping them to achieve their goals. We teach in a one-on-one style, making sure that our students truly understand what they are practicing. A student should leave each class feeling that they’ve grown in wisdom and understanding, and having an excellent workout. The ultimate goal of Kung Fu is to be strong and healthy, both mentally and physically. It is our mission to ensure that our students improve in every possible way.
Everyday life can be a true challenge. Modern society is very different from the world in which Kung Fu was devised, but the requirements for us to be in the best mental and physical shape we can be in is all the same. We aim to help give you that edge and mental strength that will help you become a better person and to make better decisions. We will help you not to just learn a skill set, but to apply those skills, devised centuries ago, to conquer the problems life throws at you today.

Meet Our Team

John Burns

Sifu John has been practicing martial arts for more than 10 years.


Paul Sahertian

Having trained since a young age, Coach Paul is one of the youngest Wushu Coaches in the Denver Metro area.


Chris Franceschi

Sifu Christopher began as a student under the late Sifu Tony Timmer, learning Shaolin, Wing Chun, Hung Ga, and Yang style Taijiquan.


Bradley Ryan

Bradley Ryan has been involved in martial arts since 1972, which makes him one of the most experienced instructors in Colorado.


Not Sure Where to Start?

Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!